‘The Bold Type’ Cast Share Their Characters’ Playlists

‘The Bold Type’ Cast Share Their Characters’ Playlists

Freeform TV series The Bold Type follows a trio of women working in the magazine industry as they struggle with workplace affairs, inept employees and the dreaded “networking event.”

It’s a show that’s certain to appeal to fans of Sex and the City and Younger, with the bonus of being a bit more realistic than other girl-works-for-fashion-magazine shows and movies; it’s inspired by and executive produced by Joanna Coles, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan and current editorial director of Hearst.

TIDAL spoke with the cast (Meghann Fahey, who plays fashion assistant Sutton; Aisha Dee, who plays social media manager Kat; and Katie Stevens, who plays writer Jane) and asked them to make playlists inspired by their characters. Listen (and read) up below:

Katie Stevens (Jane)

Old Dominion, “Written in the Sand”
Jane would listen to this because: A) I feel like being from a small town in Colorado, Jane might listen to country music like me, and B) She is trying to figure out where she stands with Pinstripe Guy.

James Bay, “Craving”
This song to me is about craving something more than what you have, and I feel like living in Colorado, that’s what Jane experienced and she followed what she needed and went after her dream job. And she’s on this journey of self-discovery. Also James Bay is [heart].

John Mayer “Bigger than My Body”
Because she’s Tiny Jane and no truer words were spoken than, ‘I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for.’ I feel Jane on the tiny level. I’m five inches shorter than the other girls. But big things come in small packages.

John Mayer, “Never on the Day You Leave”
This song gives me so many emotions. I feel like this song has meaning to Jane in terms of her relationship with Pinstripe and how it’s hard to walk away, even though she can’t admit it yet. Also, not to spoil anything, but Jane is going to be making some tough career decisions in the future and I think this song applies.

Marina and the Diamonds, “Girls”
This I think applies to all three girls, because they don’t let anyone put them in a box.

Sigrid, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”
I feel like Jane would listen to this in the morning to pump herself up. She has some self-doubt sometimes and this song would be what she listens to to quiet her negative thoughts!

Ed Sheeran, “Supermarket Flowers”
It’s such a sad song, but it’s so beautiful in honoring a mother. I think on days where Jane needs to let out her emotions, she’d sit and listen to this.

OneRepublic, “I Lived”
These girls are living their best lives, and through the ups and downs they’re embracing it all.

Ingrid Michelson, “Girls Chase Boys”
Her breakup and relationship with Eric took a while to get over, but she came out of it stronger and better.

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, “Paris (Oh La La)”
Jane would listen to this on a night that she’s going out to feel sexy and powerful.


Meghann Fahy (Sutton)

Misterwives, “Machine”
I think this song is a great one for the vibe of our show. Not just Sutton. I see the three girls listening to this song and dancing around an apartment.

HAIM, “Little of Your Love”
I think this song is definitely on Sutton’s on-the-train-to-work playlist.

Arcade Fire, “Everything Now”
This song is so feel good. I think Sutton listened to this before she asked Oliver for perks.

Lorde, “Supercut”
This is a Richard song for sure. I see her listening to this and walking through the streets of New York wearing sunglasses and a SMIRK.

Paramore, “Fake Happy”
This song is for annoying work events when you’re sick of making sweet small talk. So it plays a lot.

Banks, “Fuck with Myself”
This is applying mascara before a night out when you’re feeling like the independent badass that you are.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, “Howling at Nothing”
I think Sutton and Richard listen to this band on vinyl together when they hang at Richard’s apartment.

The Staves, “Steady”
I don’t run, but I think Sutton might and I think she listens to this while passing under the bridge by the water before sunset.

Ryn Weaver, “Pierre”
I think this song is about trying to move on but not being able to because you can’t stop thinking about the person that you know is right for you. Which is a pretty relevant song for Sutton this season.


Aisha Dee (Kat)

Kaytranada ft. Anderson Paak., “Glowed Up”
Kat’s always staying glowed up.

Nancy Sinatra, “Sorry ‘Bout That”
Sorry not sorry.

Dram, “Cute”
That feel when you got a new crush.

Kehlani, “Get Like”
That feel when your crush gives ya butterflies.

Lee Moses, “Bad Girl”
One of my favorite songs of all time, in honor of Kat’s badass moments.

Lorde, “Green Light”
Had this on repeat while we were shooting the cycling scenes, all about taking a risk and going for it.

Shakey Graves, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”
A perfect cover of a perfect Disney bop.

SZA, “Garden (Say it Like Dat)”
Self-love, opening up your heart, all the scary and beautiful life stuff.

SZA, “20 Something” 
That’s Kat. ‘Ms. 20 Something, ain’t got nothin, running from love, only know fear.’

Muna, “I Know a Place”
Just cause issa bop.

(Photo credits: Freeform/Justin Coit)

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