The Heartlights Go Back To The ’80s With “You’re So Cute It Hurts”

The Heartlights Go Back To The ’80s With “You’re So Cute It Hurts”

The Heartlights’ video for “You’re So Cute It Hurts” is basically like a Goosebumps book come to life. The Oakland, California, band premieres the video exclusively with TIDAL today, the bouncy-sweet song coming courtesy of Oh Dear, their debut album (out now on Burger Records).

“We are big fans of ’80s movies,” says the band’s Jason Testasecca. ”It was really fun to throw in all these ’80s teen movie locations, including the Pretty in Pink house, Doc Brown’s house from Back to the Future, and Zoltar from Big.”

Created by video team Kool Ranch Productions, the video tells the tale of a rag-tag group of friends who find a mysterious videotape and what happens when they watch it. Note: never watch a mysterious videotape. It never ends well.

Despite being a bit ominous, the video is, well, pretty adorable and nostalgic, which is befitting of the sugary track. “This is basically just a love song with exaggerated lyrics,” Testasecca says. “It’s about being in love with someone so much that it’s exasperating. Like when a puppy is so cute that you wanna squeeze it really hard but you don’t because it could hurt the puppy. So instead you write a song about it.”

On that note, check out the video below:

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