The Shacks’ “Music For The Broken Heart”

The Shacks’ “Music For The Broken Heart”

“These songs express the pain of being betrayed by a lover or a friend, and also the relief of getting over that pain. After enduring hardship in a relationship, you find yourself immune to the other’s vicious ways,” singer/bassist Shannon Wise says about this TIDAL-exclusive playlist.


The Sapphires, “I Found Out Too Late”
“These tears I cry are not for you…” She has mistakenly fallen in love with a deceitful heartbreaker, but she realizes at last that he is no good. She warns other girls not to fall in love with guys like him. Her tears are not for the boy, but for girls who have been hurt by tricksters like him.

The Rolling Stones, “Take It Or Leave It”
It is so frustrating when somebody messes with your heart, telling you “yes” one minute and “no” the next. After dealing with a hot and cold, indecisive lover, the only thing to do is confront him/her and demand that s/he either stay or go.

Brenton Wood, “I Think You’ve Got Your Fools Mixed Up”
Someone walked out on you and left you feeling sad and lonely. It took some time, but you eventually got past it. Now he’s trying to do it again, foolishly hoping that you will let him walk all over your heart again. What are you going to tell him?

Elvis Presley, “You’re a Heartbreaker”
This song is about learning a lesson from having your heart broken, and having the confidence to tell that person that you won’t let them mess with your heart anymore.

The Sapphires, “I’ve Got Mine You Better Get Yours”
This song is aimed at a meddlesome ex-friend who won’t stop flirting with the singer’s man. “He doesn’t want you anymore,” she declares, so you better find somebody else “and leave the one I love alone.”

Hank Williams, “Mind Your Own Business”
Why do people feel entitled to everybody else’s secrets and personal matters? Take a tip from Hank and tell that snooping neighbor to mind his own damn business.

Doris Troy, “What’cha Gonna Do About It”
Doris’s love keeps letting her down. Their love is “on the rocks” and he isn’t doing anything to fix it. She loves him, but she accepts the fact that their relationship will soon end if he doesn’t clean up his act. The move is his; if he wants her to stay, then he better prove it.

The Heptones, “Pretty Looks”
This song is about the satisfaction that he feels when his girl comes back to him, realizing that she made a big mistake. He will have a “precious time” when she comes back because she left him for a “pretty” new guy, who was appealing at first but ended up treating her poorly.

George Jones, “Too Much Water”
George sings about surviving a rocky relationship in which he was treated badly and lied to. Now that he made it out alive, he realizes that other girls want him and that he doesn’t want his old girl anymore. Too much has happened, and he’s too mad to tolerate a heartbreaker like her anymore. He’s better off without her.


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