The Spinto Band Talks Songs With Rad Count-Offs

The Spinto Band Talks Songs With Rad Count-Offs

The Spinto Band just released Nice and Nicely Done this summer, a reissue of their 2005 album replete with bonus tracks. Formed in the mid-’90s in Delaware, the band is made up of singer and guitarist Nick Krill, singer and bassist Thomas Hughes, drummer Jeffrey Hobson, keyboardist Sam Hughes and guitarist Joey Hobson.

Krill made us a playlist to celebrate the reissue, exclusively featuring songs with notable count-offs.

* * *

The Beatles, “I Saw Her Standing There” 
For me, this one is the count-off to rock & roll as we know it.

Tom Petty, “Yer So Bad” 
Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne collaborations always lead to some great sonic moments…even count-offs. I love that this count-off is a weird, loose double with each coming through a separate speaker. Bonus feature: after the count-off, ya get classic Jeff Lynne wall-of-acoustic-guitars strumming and a killer harmony vocal stack.

AC/DC, “Back in Black”
Somehow this simple hi-hat and ‘chikka guitar’ count-off has as much swagger and attitude as the whole rest of the tune.

Harry Nilsson, “Coconut” 
Not really the best example of how amazing Harry Nilsson is, but ‘zuuhh zuuhh zuuhh zuuhh’ is a pretty rad sound to count off with. If you have read this far, go listen to Nilsson’s albums The Point and A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night.

Lindsey Buckingham, “Trouble”
Sorry, this count-off is kinda naff…but the song rules, and the album Law and Order is rad…so it made the list.

David Bowie, “Queen Bitch” 
There are a lot of count-offs out in the world…and every now and then it is nice to hear David Bowie and his little vocalized drum fill.

Cornelius, “Count Five or Six” 
If the little robot voices only were at the top of the song, I’m not sure I would be into this count-off…but the fact that the count basically becomes the backbone for the entire song makes it pretty cool. On top of that, the Fantasma album has always been a big influence on The Spinto Band.

Prince, “Paisley Park” 
I love the sound of the echo on the vocal (and the count-off) of this song. Just another great moment in a Prince song that makes you think, ‘Jeez, I wish I could know what he was thinking while he was in the studio recording that.’

Los Lobos, “Kiko and the Lavender Moon” 
If ya crank up this tune you can hear the tail end of ‘…three four’ from the count-off. The whole Kiko album definitely deserves to be listened to cranked up at least once in yer life. Los Lobos, engineer Tchad Blake and producer Mitchell Froom made some distinctive sounds on this album. While you’re exploring some mad sounds from this team, crank up the album Colossal Head, too.

Latin Playboys, “Mustard” 
Thinking of Los Lobos and Tchad Blake made me remember this tune from the Latin Playboys, which was a collaboration between David Hidalgo, Louie Pérez, Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake. This simple stick click count-off has a sweet percolating echo on it that ends up cruising through the whole rest of the tune. The two Latin Playboys albums are other great examples of some amazing sonic exploration.

The Beatles, “A Day In The Life – Take 1”
The haunting ‘sugarplum fairy, sugarplum fairy’ count-off at the top of this tune is a count-off to goosebumps.

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