The Technicolors: What Are You Listening To?

The Technicolors: What Are You Listening To?

Arizona rock band the Technicolors are out with a new record, Metaphysical, on July 7 and, to celebrate, the band’s Sean Silverman gave us a peek at what’s been on rotation in his headphones.

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Silver Apples, “Oscillations”
Was introduced to Silver Apples tunes a few years back and they completely shook me. All of the psychedelic beauty and grinding of synths colliding against each other. While we were making Metaphysical, we wanted to find these little subtle synth layers that were interfering and interplaying with guitars in the tracks we were writing.

Blur, “Tender”
It’s hard to narrow down a Blur tune that really encapsulates their scope, but I always found this tune charming. It has the classic ’90s Brit rock sing-along element that our band is a sucker for. While we haven’t had the opportunity to bring the full choir in on a track in this way, it’s something we’re always going to strive for, if not only in our heads.

Phoenix, “I’m an Actor”
First Phoenix song I’d ever heard. Back in college in ’08. While everything off of Alphabetical is pure pop gold, this tune’s message really resonated with me. The feeling of pretending to be someone you’re not and running along with it telling yourself everything is dandy. There were a lot of times during the making of our new record where we questioned what our intentions were and that theme became one of the centerpieces to rally around for us.

Queens of the Stone Age, “Millionaire”
This song is a can of liquid hot magma and from the minute the drums kick in, they’ve already begun to melt your face off. Always thought that the guitars sounded like a swarm of bees. Any time a guitar sounds like it can fall apart at any moment, I’m in. That premise was a real guiding light for us during some of the riff-heavy tunes on the record. Wanted to create that same visceral feeling inside when guitars come into the track, especially from the top of the record.

King Crimson, “I Talk to the Wind”
We grew up on a lot of early progressive rock and there is none better than King Crimson in my opinion. They sort of paved the way for a movement in music that hadn’t truly been ventured into yet. Whenever I think of where I want a solo to go, I always have Robert Fripp in the back of my brain somewhere. There’s a tune on our new record called ‘Motives’ that needed a little solo section for the entrance of the next verse, and there’s definitely a little Frippy (Frippish?) influence floating around in there.

Jeff Buckley, “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”
If you’re ever looking to fall apart, then look no further than the perfection that is this song. As soon as that swinging acoustic comes swooping in, I’m completely done. It makes you feel like your body is water and there’s nothing left for you to do but give in. Somewhere between the middle of the writing process, this tune popped into my mind and helped remind me how fragile and fleeting things can be.

Savages, “Husbands” 
This song punched me in the face. That’s probably all you really need to know about Savages. Jehnny Beth’s vocals are a call to action and I was completely drawn to that. There’s an anthemic nature to the art that they create that I’ve always thought our band has strived for. We have a new tune on the record called ‘Valedictorian’ that plays on that realm.

Portishead, “Wandering Star”
I’ve never made a full-length record that didn’t make me feel a little helpless. Out of the helplessness, there’s all this raw emotion that’s right there on the surface. Portishead always finds a way to do this in spades and ‘Wandering Star’ is my ultimate tune for that. They wrap you in this oddly comforting blanket, knowing you’re not alone in the search.

TV on the Radio, “Staring at the Sun”
This tune always feels like floating on a sonic wave. There’s something magical that happens when his falsetto croons over the fluctuation of synths and guitars. Our new record wraps with the title track ‘Metaphysical,’ which we wrote in hopes of conjuring the spirit of feeling like you were floating off the track when the bridge hit only to end with a bang.

Thom Yorke, “Eraser”
This is Thom in full glitch mode and everything about it makes my skin crawl in the best way. From the way the chord progression moves to the way all of the shifting, blippy synths begin to surround you. It’s inescapable. This track had these incredibly haunting, verbed-out background vocals that almost appear as this looming texture that makes you question where he wants to go next.

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