Wimps and an Adorable Dog Give Us the Cure to “Insomnia”

Wimps and an Adorable Dog Give Us the Cure to “Insomnia”

Seattle punk band Wimps are primed to release their new album, Garbage People, on Friday (July 13), but today they’re giving TIDAL users an exclusive taste of the record in the form of the video for “Insomnia.” A video that features a very cute pup.

“We used the latest brain-scan technology to process the actual thought-images that circle through our brains when we suffer bouts of insomnia,” the band tells TIDAL of the new video. “Then, we were able to re-create those images through the magic of film. Special thanks to the talented and photogenic dog actor, Roger, for his inspirational and sure to be award-winning performance!”

Wimps have been kicking around for six years now, churning out fun and noisy tracks about everything from pizza to mope-dancing. The band features┬áRachel Ratner, Matt Nyce and David Ramm, and, on this record, they’re taking cues from the likes of Devo, The B-52s and The Breeders.

Check out Roger’s starring role now, and the full album on Friday.

(Photo credit: Nathan Palace)

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