The-Dream, Timbaland, DJ Premier and More on TIDAL Credits

The-Dream, Timbaland, DJ Premier and More on TIDAL Credits

TIDAL Credits always seemed like a noble idea to us: providing greater visibility to the countless artists, musicians and songwriters — and also those other behind-the-scenes contributors to a song’s composition — who are often obscured by time and circumstance. In other words: to give credits where credit is due.

We were hoping that the creative community felt the same way that we did: that if you were in the room when the music happened, you deserve to be acknowledged. Judging from the responses we’ve received, it’s clear to us that, although we are near the beginning of a long journey to make sure everyone gets a share of the spotlight, we’re on the right track.


I think it’s very important that all the behind-the-scenes creators get credit for their work. What they bring to the table is just as important, and the DSPs need to do a better job of highlighting them. It’s well deserved.
Timbalandproducer, rapper, singer, songwriter and DJ, Beyoncé, JAY-Z

As producers and songwriters, we are always the last people to have light shed on us in the process of a song. The fact that TIDAL is highlighting us is amazing and a step forward for producers and songwriters to be recognized for their hard work.
Boi-1da, producer, Drake, Cardi B

Too many years have gone by without fans being able to easily find out who created the music they have downloaded and streamed. I’m really pleased to see the new credits roll out from TIDAL. No surprise that it’s headed by a Creator who truly understands.
Salaam Remi, producer, Miguel, Jazmine Sullivan

Everyone loves to imagine how art comes together. Who serves what purpose in the creative process? Who are those minds that never see the light, but create it? It’s a selfless position that may not warrant your attention but deserves it. Knowing. A Rolls Royce is handcrafted. It’s not about the cost, it’s the art behind making a car. In music, every song is a Rolls Royce. They all are handcrafted by beautiful and skilled people.

The other DSPs may not see the relevance of showing who and talking about how, but I must first know all parts of a thing I love so I can then love them individually. From the artist who sings, the artist who writes, the skilled producer who conducts, the engineer who in every detail captures that lightning — that makes the song.

To highlight these people and their gifts and contributions individually makes for a better future of music. The word ‘pride’ will rise again. Wanting to make the best song through and through, simply because everyone will know exactly what you individually have added to the next great price of art.
The-Dream, producer, songwriter, singer, JAY-Z, Beyoncé

It’s important for behind-the-scenes creatives to get recognition and knowledgeable credit so they won’t feel like their creations are just for the money or points. We should not be kept in the dark. People should be able to know who created the music that they’re listening to without doing in-depth research.
Tay Keith, producer, songwriter, Travis Scott, Beyoncé 

I love the fact that TIDAL provides all of the credits — especially since music purists such as myself ALWAYS want to know who’s involved in the body of work. They are the ONLY service providing it and it is one of the main reasons that I continue to subscribe.
DJ Premier, producer, DJ, The Notorious B.I.G., Drake

It’s extremely important for behind-the-scenes creatives to get the credit we deserve. We spend countless hours crafting the music that we all listen to, and I think it’s important for the public to see who else is helping create the soundtrack to their lives along with the artist whose voice is on the record. This is breaking barriers and definitely a big win for us.
Nija Charles, songwriter, producer, Cardi B, The Carters

I salute TIDAL for making it a priority to acknowledge the key behind-the-scenes players on a record. We are in a pivotal time in the business when the fans seem to truly appreciate the ins and outs of how their favorite songs are created. They want to know who produced it, who engineered it, who wrote it. TIDAL recognizes the importance of sharing this critical info and all DSPs should follow the trend.
Anthony Cruz, engineer, Meek Mill

I’ll be the first to say music creatives aren’t appreciated enough in the world. Any step toward us having our names out there for the intellectual property, heart, mind and soul that it takes to actually come up with these musical pieces is A1 in my book.
Hit-Boy, producer, rapper, songwriter, Nipsey Hussle, Beyoncé 

The artist oftentimes is just the product selling someone else’s genius. It’s super important to shed light on each role because, without them, the song doesn’t exist.
Russ, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer

I haven’t used TIDAL before, but I’m extremely pleased that they’ve chosen to give producers, songwriters and other behind-the-scenes creators the attention they deserve. In my opinion, anyone following suit will definitely be on the right side of history when we look back on the evolution of these creators and how they maintained a lucrative work flow.
Louis Bell, producer, engineer, Post Malone

As a kid falling in love with music, I wanted to know everything about the songs I was listening to. Who wrote what? Who played what instrument? It was an important part of my growth in my pursuit of being a creative. TIDAL providing the credits is pivotal for us as creatives to be recognized for our hard work. And with CDs becoming more and more obsolete, we no longer have those booklets to discover the players behind the scenes. TIDAL once again is ahead of the curve and on the side of the creatives by including this much-needed info.
Dre, producer, Fat Joe, The Carters

I grew up reading album booklets. The credits helped shape who I am and made me feel that much more of an ‘official’ fan. TIDAL adding these credits gives the kids coming up now, and fans of all ages, a way to stay up on who is behind the scenes, influencing a better future in music.
Statik Selektah, producer, DJ, Eminem, Action Bronson

Congratulations and thank you to TIDAL for making credits not only accessible but prioritized to the public again. Ever since the shift away from physical mediums it has been nearly impossible to get accurate information on producers, songwriters, musicians, engineers and other creatives who make the music we love possible.

This should absolutely be a #1 priority for all DSPs, because, more than monitory compensation we receive for our work, credits are how we eat. And this is the first step in bringing that part of the culture to the digital age. Everybody needs to CATCH UP. NOW.
Parks Vallely, podcaster, engineer, Joe Budden, DJ Premier

The fact that TIDAL makes it a point to recognize the producers, engineers etc. goes a long way with someone like me, because I understand how a simple gesture like that can help create future work for us and also help build our brands.
The Heatmakerzs’ Rsonist, producer, Diplomats, Jim Jones

TIDAL’s new Credits page is huge! I remember going to record stores to buy new CDs and the first thing I would look at was the credits to see who produced, wrote or engineered certain songs. I feel like that excitement just returned to TIDAL!
Drumma Boy, producer, Jeezy, Birdman

I love that TIDAL has taken this step to help us creatives get our due recognition. I’ve been making records for more than 20 years now, and, as with anything in life, things have changed. For a lot of us, our next gig comes from the success of our previous one, but slowly the credits have disappeared, losing consumers and potential clients.

So many times I see on social media a post reading ‘My favorite mixer this’ or a goat emoji and have a laugh to myself that no one knows the person who they’re praising didn’t even mix the song. Or even better, I’ll post a TBT of a song and the majority of the comments are ‘I had no idea.’

I’ve been very lucky to have a successful career doing what I love and I’m glad TIDAL is now taking steps to maintain the integrity of this ever-changing business and helping all of us keep making the records everyone loves so much.
Fabian Marasciullo, engineer, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Pusha T, Gunna, Lil Baby

Identity is ‘the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.’ Without that FACT OF BEING, we don’t exist. No one wants to work this hard and sacrifice this much without acknowledgment. It’s human for us to want celebration. It’s natural!

We work behind the scenes as writers and producers, but our lyrics, melodies and progressions are in the spotlight! We’ve lost so much with the advancement in technology and we’re still fighting constantly for what’s due us. With that being said, I must salute TIDAL for leading the pack and recognizing us. This is a move in the right direction!
Rico Love, rapper, producer, songwriter, actor, City Girls, Beyoncé

I think it’s very important that the creative minds behind the scenes get their recognition for the contributions they have made to a song or project. We all hear stories about how an artist will spend days at a time working in the studio. What goes unnoticed a lot are the people that are in the studio with them. There are engineers, producers and songwriters camped out for hundreds of hours grinding to help bring the artist’s vision to life. I think it’s great that TIDAL uses its platform to show love to the countless people working behind the scenes.

I still remember how excited I was to see my name printed inside of the CD booklet! (Pussycat Dolls Doll Domination btw lol!) I still get that same feeling today looking at my credits on TIDAL.

Back in the day, most CDs had the engineering, production and songwriting credits. Some would even have the lyrics printed. When I was growing up, exploring the CD booklet was almost just as exciting as listening to music itself. When I got into music, I would read the CD booklets to find out who was making the beats and mixing the songs that I loved.

That’s exactly how I discovered Mike Dean, Dave Aaron, my idol, Dr. Dre — who I thought was just a rapper at the time! Since the surge in digital distribution, it became difficult to obtain all the credits to most of the music that’s released nowadays. So, I’m grateful TIDAL is doing this. Hopefully, others will take note and follow suit.
Aubry “Big Juice” Delaine, engineer, Nicki Minaj

Credits are vital for producers and songwriters. While the artist gets the most recognition for the song, the writing and production that goes into it has just as much, if not more, importance to the success of the record.
T-Minus, producer, J. Cole, Drake

In a world where music is no longer delivered in a physical form, it’s extremely important that streaming services include complete credits. Everyone from songwriters, to producers, to engineers need to receive proper credit. Not only for recognition, credits are the first step to getting proper compensation.
Young Guru, engineer, JAY-Z, Rapsody, Meek Mill

The feeling of being credited and acknowledged for the work you put in means the world to creatives, especially us engineers. Shout out to TIDAL for continuing to support the culture and community.
MixedByAli, engineer, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Childish Gambino

I think it’s dope that TIDAL took the initiative to make sure people care about and understand what it takes to make great music and highlight everyone involved.
Jermaine Dupri, rapper, songwriter, record producer and record executive, Usher, Mariah Carey

There are many behind-the-scenes positions that are the backbone of the industry; it’s vital these people are properly credited and given light so they can have their just due, and, more importantly, to show the youth there are other positions besides artist that are worthwhile, necessary and fulfilling.

As streaming platforms become the majority outlet for music consumption, they have a responsibility to highlight these roles, as the work they are benefitting from is a collaborative effort.
Juro “Mez” Davis, engineer, J. Cole, Ari Lennox, Royce da 5’9″

Credits are everything to people who work more behind the scenes in music, and I think they matter more now than ever. TIDAL having comprehensive liner notes is one thing, but to be able to search everything an engineer is credited for by clicking their name really shows the importance of the craft.

I feel that more and more people are interested in the album creation process and who is involved, especially with social media being a major part of music discovery and conversation. These features make it way easier to see the common threads behind the scenes and connect dots that might help you understand the process better.

A few years ago, without many physicals being released or liner notes in existence or even any credits at all, it might seem like an engineer barely worked all year if you searched for them. This gives us concrete evidence of our contributions.
Alex Tumay, engineer, Young Thug, Travis Scott, 21 Savage 

Honestly, I get the most pleasure from seeing my assistants react to seeing their credits. The pride, joy and the sense of accomplishment is truly a blessing. With that being said, credits are EVERYTHING!

They are the only advertisement we have as creatives for our craft. Unless we all start adding (TAGS) lol. The amount of work that comes from someone listening to a song and seeing the role you played and then realizing they would like you to play that same role in their project is everything. It’s our calling card! It’s how we advertise.
Jaycen Joshua, engineer, Tyga, Megan Thee Stallion, A Boogie

Seeing TIDAL take the lead on recognition for behind-the-scenes music professionals is monumental.  Oftentimes our only way of finding the next gig is word of mouth. This vastly expands that audience and allows our long hours and dedication to artists and music to be recognized and appreciated.

With the ever-shifting approach to the way modern music is being made, producers/engineers and songwriters have a greater and greater influence on the music we love. It’s only fair that people are recognized for their talents and contributions.

Basically no one knows what we do unless we choose to blow ourselves up on socials. Some extremely skilled and talented producers, engineers and writers are so busy making straight fire music. We don’t have time to be constantly updating our accolades to our social accounts. It’s frustrating and I’m glad that all this info is available in one easy cross-referenced spot now.
Andrew Dawson, 3x Grammy winning engineer, Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi 

In this digital age of music, it’s incredibly important for people to access information on who makes the songs they love. The magic of a song doesn’t just come from one vessel. A team of dope creatives all have a hand in the final product. It’s also a great tool for future collaborations. It’s great for other artists to know who did what.
DJ Dahi, producer, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q

I’m so happy to see TIDAL take these steps toward giving the unsung heroes their shine! It’s so important that songwriters, producers and engineers get some official recognition for all the work and time that is contributed to creating the art that everyone enjoys.

For freelance creatives, our last gig/song/album is the gateway to our next, and it’s so crucial to have a reference point for potential work. I know firsthand; when we were looking for a mastering engineer for Anderson Paak’s projects, all I had to do was reference my favorite-sounding albums and find the genius that is Mike Bozzi. Rest is history.

As far as DSPs giving the public more insight into who’s working on their favorite songs, it’s important for the next generation of producers and songwriters to have that info. With the shift over to digital, kids aren’t looking at CD booklets, reading liner notes and ‘thank you’ pages. So to make that available to them it allows them to do research, find new heroes. I think that’s dope.
Jhair Lazo, engineer, Anderson Paak, Lupe Fiasco

With streaming being the way a large number of listeners now consume music, it’s increasingly important to be able to identify those involved in the creation of it. Without notation on the physical product, it’s difficult to reliably source who those creators are. This recognition is often an engineer’s calling card and advertisement for future work. Any effort by TIDAL or any other DSP to make this information widely available is greatly appreciated.
Mike Bozzi, engineer, Tyler, The Creator, Childish Gambino, Anderson Paak

I remember growing up I used to run to get the CD I’ve been waiting for and the first thing I’d do was dissect the credits. ‘Who produced track number nine and 10?’ ‘What sample was that?’ And that grew my love for music.

So now I salute platforms like TIDAL for keeping those moments alive and showing that these songs are not just the artists’ songs but also the producers’, songwriters’, musicians’ and engineers’ who work just as hard behind the scenes.
Sounwave, producer, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q

I’m excited TIDAL has decided to showcase producers and the rest of the behind-the-scenes artists. I feel like every person contributing to the vibe of a song should have the same recognition. Music is definitely a team effort. One thing doesn’t happen without the other.
Cydney Christine, producer, Drake feat. Rick Ross “Money in the Grave”

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