TIDAL Rising: 5 Things You Need To Know About Luz Pinos

TIDAL Rising: 5 Things You Need To Know About Luz Pinos

With TIDAL Rising we’re constantly showcasing new music from our favorite up-and-coming artists across all genres, and each week we pick one artist in particular to shine our spotlight on. Presenting the TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Luz Pinos.  


1) “Mariposa Azul” was inspired by a butterfly she saw a few days after the death of her grandfather, Mario. In a moment of fear she said, “take care of me Mario,” and that’s when a beautiful electric blue butterfly appeared and she felt her grandfather’s presence.

2) Her musical style is inspired by pasillos, a popular music genre in her native Ecuador.  She used to listen to pasillo albums while on road trips with her family. Her grandfather always played pasillos for her, specifically Ecuador’s legendary Julio Jaramillo—the master of the corta vena.

3) Her major influences include artists from all over Latin America including Dominican Republic’s Juan Luis Guerra, Colombia’s Carlos Vives, as well as Brazil’s Maria Gadú and Mônica Salmaso.

4) For the cover of her debut album, Mariposa Azul, she went for a very natural look. In general, she likes her hair to look a bit undone and uses minimal makeup.

5) Her favorite Ecuadorian dish is the national dish encebollado, which is a soup prepared with albacore, onions, and garlic, among others spices and served with lime on the side. Yum!

This week, we’d like you to get to know Luz Pinos a bit better. Stay tuned for an interview with the ­singer, where she talks about her musical journey, the influence her late grandfather had on her. Also, be on the lookout for an exclusive curated playlist of her favorite songs of the moment.


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