TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Armani White

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Armani White

Meet Philadelphia rapper Armani White, this week’s TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week.

Earlier this year, White caught our attention on “Public School,” where he flexed his undeniably singular flow. Over a cool, bouncing beat, the MC moved from speed raps and outbursts (“fuck you!”) to smooth, slurred syllables. It’s a melodic ride that attests to White’s natural rhyming ability.

But “Public School” wasn’t the beginning for White. In 2015, he released “Stick Up.” Like “Public School,” the track, standing at only one minute and thirteen seconds long, is a perfect exemplar of White’s personality: playful and dark all the same. On later tracks, like his Sango collaboration “casablaco freestyle,” White’s energy is infectious. He’s a storyteller, a wordsmith and a head bob-inducing MC paving the way for Philly’s next era of MCs.

This week, we get to know more about White’s world in an exclusive interview — the stories behind his music’s dark tinge, the ambition and optimistic personality that makes his music so magnetic and the city that raised him.

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