TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Bazzi

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Bazzi

This week’s TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week shows that, on the long and often confusing path to breaking as an artist, a focus on songwriting and creating a cohesive body of work can matter more than chasing follower counts and social media fame. Bazzi, the last name moniker of Andrew Bazzi, has both ascended the charts with singles and attracted critical attention from the industry.

With a minor league following on Vine and YouTube, Bazzi set out from Detroit to Los Angeles, where his newly-inked deal with Atlantic records led to the release of his debut album, COSMIC. The album release comes on the heels of the slow-burning, successful rise of its most popular single, “Mine,” which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. While a Snapchat filter campaign around “Mine” may have boosted impressions of the single to young audiences, Bazzi credits the success of both projects to a deep focus on the craft and process of songwriting

COSMIC’s 42-minute journey offers listeners a plethora of relationship-induced jealousy in the digital age. “Why?” speaks to performative displays of sexuality prevalent on platforms like Shapchat and Instagram (“Titties out to snap that, I know that you do that shit just hoping for a snapback”), while “Honest” provides another example of digital age relationships that connects so well with his rapidly growing audience: “Gonna turn my read receipts on, just to let you know I won’t respond.”

Keep your eyes here on TIDAL this week for an interview with Bazzi, as well as a playlist of some of his favorite songs.

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