TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Bobby Sessions

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Bobby Sessions

This week’s Rising Artist of the Week is Dallas rapper Bobby Sessions. Sessions is one of the newest signees to Def Jam Recordings and his music’s socio-political motivations have never felt more necessary. There are not many modern artists who share the fiery stimulus from which Bobby sources his music’s drive. Sessions is committed to the power of the “laws of attraction” and how that can speak to existence what you want from the world.

This Friday, July 20, Sessions will release his debut project with Def Jam, an EP titled RVLTN – Chapter 1: The Divided States of AmeriKKKa.

Two singles released from the EP, “Like Me” and “Pick a Side,” play like long-stored manifestos charged from years of first-hand experience and generational context. A distinct sense of identity and position in society tugs at the narratives of the singles. Sessions’ beat selections mirror some modern sonic cues that create a new context of the injustice that culls from Public Enemy’s sometimes bombastic verses.


Sessions’ major label debut shines a spotlight on the Texas rap scene and what is really going on in Dallas. The EP charges forward at all moments, with a very complimentary guest appearance from Killer Mike. What Sessions exemplifies most on his debut release is the true sound of being fed up. These are not days to stay silent, and Sessions is relentless in his criticism and assured in his position.

On Wednesday, we will have a TIDAL-exclusive playlist from Bobby, and on Friday, we will speak to him about everything that led to his EP release.

Check out Bobby Sessions in our TIDAL Rising: Hip-Hop playlist below.


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