TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Cayetana

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Cayetana

With TIDAL Rising we’re constantly showcasing new music from our favorite up-and-coming artists across all genres, and each week we pick one artist in particular to shine our spotlight on. Meet this week’s TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Cayetana.

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In some ways Philly pop punk band Cayetana has already risen. Their debut album, Nervous Like Me, came out in 2014, earning them adoration from blogs as well as prestigious festival slots. Still, their sophomore release, New Kind of Normal, marks a kind of re-rising for the trio (Augusta Koch, Allegra Anka and Kelly Olsen) who parted ways with their label, Tiny Engines, to forge a path with their own outlet, Plum Records.

According to a release, the record is out “is about mental health… struggling with that and settling into a new kind of normal where you can finally recognize your own your destructive behaviors and accept love into your life.” Recorded in part at singer/guitarist Augusta Koch’s barnyard studio in their native Pennsylvania, the album is packed with standout tracks like single “Bus Ticket,” in which Koch wails, “And this is my last call/This is my rock bottom/This is my curtain call/This is my bus ticket.” There’s a sense of struggle in the record, sure, but also a strong sense of taking control — taking agency. And that’s a prevalent theme for the band as a whole that’s only grown more distinct over the years.

When Cayetana formed around six years ago, the concept of starting a label was likely pretty foreign to them — when they met in Philly, all three members barely knew about to play their instruments, buoying each other up until they were able to release a three-song demo in 2012. That demo led to an EP called Hot Dad Calendar in 2014 and then the aforementioned LP, and garnered them tours with bands like Against Me! and the Menzingers. Success put a strain on the band, however — as bassist Allegra Anka told Noisey: “You feel the need to keep going, and keep climbing and climbing. And that can be so stressful. And, if it doesn’t happen, it can be devastating.”

“It’s like when you start a relationship, and you’re in the honeymoon period, you’re just happy and not really thinking about anything and you don’t really have any expectations,” Koch said in the same interview. “But now, it’s like we’re in the sixth year of our relationship. And it’s like we’re renewing our vows. It’s like, we want to be here. We still love this, but it is kind of a new beginning.”

A new start was needed. A wiped slate. Hence, the inception of Plum Records and a return to control — and, it seems, a stellar album destined to garner the band new fans and cement those who have been there all along.

This week, we’d like you to get to know Cayetana a bit better. Stay tuned for an interview with the band, as well as a look at their music collection.

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