TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Logan Henderson

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Logan Henderson

This week’s TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week, Logan Henderson, is no stranger to the spotlight. Formerly an actor on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush series and one-fourth of the Big Time Rush band, Henderson is now stepping into a career entirely his own, boasting a cool breed of dark, seductive pop.

Although this solo chapter may feel new for Henderson’s audience, it’s been two years in the making behind the scenes. In 2016, when the Big Time Rush disbanded, the singer-songwriter decided to take some time to define his own voice. After a year of traveling and writing poems and short stories along the way, the singer-songwriter had gone from being a boy band member to a solo artist ready to open up a new chapter.

The first page in this chapter was called “Sleepwalker,” Henderson’s debut single and one that would introduce him in a bolder, more mature form. Next, he delivered “Bite My Tongue,” a sexy track that melded his pop sensibilities with a newfound, unapologetic flavor. “I love that it hurts when you bite my tongue,” he sings on the track. Lastly, “Speak of the Devil” cemented that Henderson’s style would maintain a dark, mysterious edge.

On May 18, 2018, Henderson brought these tracks and more into Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams – Pt. 1. The album, as its title alludes, is just the beginning. For Henderson, as an actor and artist alike, there’s always another part of the story waiting to be unfolded.

Later this week, we’ll talk more in depth with the artist about life since Big Time Rush, his new approach to making music, the thought that releasing a multi-part LP and more. We’ll also get a glimpse inside of what he’s been listening to on the road and in the sky in between tour stops. Stay tuned to learn more about Henderson and his enticing journey as his Rising week continues.

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