TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Alex The Astronaut

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Alex The Astronaut

This week’s Rising Artist of the Week is Australia’s Alex the Astronaut. The 23-year-old’s earnest combination of folk and pop leaves indelible melodies and memorable storytelling spread amongst her 12 released songs.

Through her prism of uplifting songs about hope, self-respect and embracing hardship for a greater good, Alex the Astronaut has built a devout fanbase in her homeland of Australia. All the while, she’s been cutting her teeth performing in New York City during her college stint at Long Island University.

Alex’s academic interest in math and physics has manifested into her creative tendency to find what works for a song and what angle to take on a lyrical narrative. With the popularity anthems, “Not Worth Hiding,” a spirited call-to-arms of LGBT pride and self-discovery, and “Rockstar City,” a track about lessons learned in New York City while her family is on the other side of the world, she has gained widespread acclaim from fans and A-listers like Elton John.

As Alex’s star grows, however, she remains steadfastly devoted to the healing power of song. Her songwriting harnesses an ability to remedy some of her personal questions about life while remaining universally relatable. As one of the more prominent rising acts in a country replete with an ecosystem of emerging artists supporting emerging artists, Alex’s rise is an exciting marker of the present and future of Australia.

Stay tuned for more from the Alex the Astronaut this week and check her out on the TIDAL Rising: Pop playlist below.


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