TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Drew Vision

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Drew Vision

This week’s Rising Artist of the Week, Drew Vision, is the epitome of a multihyphenate. Splitting his creative endeavors between acting, music and modeling, Vision lets the story of his life show in his every aspect of his work.

The story of the modern creative is rooted in making the hustle work for you, finding a way to make the numbers work while keeping integrity at the forefront. It is not necessarily an easy life, and while it requires foresight and patience, the ultimate reward is being able to live a creative life not far removed from your personal life. For Vision, this means using acting and modeling gigs to fund his musical work. As a result, his music comes across as a genuine sense of expression for someone deeply invested into understanding himself through creative pursuits.

Each of Vision’s previous albums seems like a fresh creative start but also maintains his true assets: emotive music, a pristine voice and a deft penchant for blurring genre lines.

Vision’s new album, Hybrid (out today), embodies that creative pursuit. Seamlessly blending R&B, pop and soul, Vision has refined his sound and lyrical direction over his previous four studio albums into what means the most to him right now: enjoying the ride.

Enjoy his “Hybrid” music video below.

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