TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Stam Goody

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Stam Goody

This week’s Rising Artist of the Week is Stam Goody. The MC released his first project, Defining Moments, in July. However, it does not feel like the work of a novice. Defining Moments is highly-focused, filled with ambition and a distinct sense of self. The project touches upon the markers of growth of a young man finding his place.

“Clutch”’s social commentary on the life of the African American athlete doubles as an affirmation of beliefs. “Patience” and “Stamina” speak to the maintenance of tunnel vision in the face of distraction. There is a present fight throughout the EP for Stam; to fight for his own progress and the betterment of the world around him.

Even more impressive than Stam’s nimble flow and penchant for cadence is his own vision for his career. His debut music video, “Clutch” has garnered attention (including winning Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Film Festival) for its immediately impactful visuals. It feels like scenes from a highly-produced independent movie. The message of the music video, which traverses the pitfalls of speaking out on social injustice as an African American, is told as well visually as it does in song.

Throughout the week, TIDAL will feature a curated playlist from the Rising artist and an in-depth conversation with Stam about his debut project, his desire to speak about uncomfortable issues,  and what it will mean to him to further expand on his vision.

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