TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: King Salomon

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: King Salomon

Rapper Salomon Faye calls several places home. While his birthplace, Paris, gave him family and roots to return to, his time being raised in Harlem gave him his street savvy. He then headed to West Africa, his current place of residence, seeking higher knowledge.

His brand of hip-hop is a reflection of his rich and diverse background. Plug “Live and Learn,” a collaboration with J. Cole and Eryn Allen Kane, into your headphones, and you’re immediately thrown into a reflective rhyme fest that cites Allah and contemplates the delicate dance between right and wrong. “‘Cause I been living way too long in the right or the wrong/ I’m as small as a fly with the shit that I’m on/ So get gone, get lost/ I don’t wanna be found/ You won’t see me if you looking around,” he and Cole offer on the chorus.

Despite him being TIDAL’s Rising Artist of the Week, he already carries himself as a rap king. His birth name, Salomon Faye, is a nod to his great great great grandfather of the same name, who Faye describes as “one of the last Kings of Senegal and ruler of the Sine Kingdom.” Beyond his royal lineage, the New York wordsmith continues to wax poetic for the everyman about the pitfalls of society and his mental struggles on his forthcoming EP, King Salomon. 

Stay tuned for more from Salomon Faye on TIDAL this week.

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