TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Soccer Mommy

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Soccer Mommy

Our TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week, Sophie Allison (a.k.a. Soccer Mommy), has over the past few years, released several projects of deeply personal, Casio-laden and spry music that sometimes could be heard as recitations from a diary.  On March 2nd, she will release her first record of new music for Fat Possum, Clean. As much as it leans into the lovelorn themes and nimble, guitar-based music of her previous releases, Clean is a chronicle of an individual’s growth through emotional trial-and-error and a sharper sound.

One of Clean‘s standout cuts, “Your Dog,” is a fully realized statement of what it feels like to understand self-worth. Sophie’s exceptional guitar work has never felt more physical, her traditionally scathing lyricism cuts deeper and is more clever than ever (“Always talk to other people/dart my eyes across the room/forehead kisses break my knees in/leave me crawling back to you”). There has always been a present angst in Soccer Mommy’s music, but never vengeful. It is an angst born out of a desire for reflection and personal discovery.

Throughout her new album, Allison navigates the pronouncements of a maturing, observant young adult. “Cool” encapsulates the jealousy and pestilent reprimanding when shaping an image of one’s self. “Still Clean” aches, but never folds in its exhaustive effort to under what is “good enough” for another.

Throughout the week, we will get to know this emerging star in an interview on Friday.


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