Tidal Rising: Dude York

Tidal Rising: Dude York

Seattle’s Dude York, one of Hardly Art’s newest signings, brings a glitter-bombed inclusive birthday party to the stage every night.

The band’s second record, Sincerely, dropped in February of 2017, a dance party/anxiety attack of a pop punk masterpiece that will appeal to both Weezer fans and those glowy kids that go wild in Tacocat’s feel-good pits. From sunny-sounding tracks about messaging your therapist (“The Way I Feel”) to unrequited love-tinged ragers (“Tonight”), there’s something here for everyone who has ever had a rough Saturday night.

We chatted with drummer Andrew Hall to get to know the band a little better.

* * *

Who is Dude York? Can you introduce yourself?

Dude York is America’s Band. It’s composed of equal parts Andrew Hall (rock drums), Claire England (rock bass) and Peter Richards (rock guitar). We live in Seattle.

When did you first get into music?

When we first heard it. We noticed its potential right away.

Who were your musical heroes growing up?

Gwen Stefani was an early hero of Claire’s. Blink-182 talked about growing up. Phil Elverum woke us up to the idea of having an original and defiant voice in music.

Name an album, artist or experience that changed your perspective on music?

Seeing the Blood Brothers as a teen was a transformative, cathartic experience that changed how we looked at performing in a really big way (their energy was amazing and unlike anything else we’d ever seen), which is true of a lot of great bands from Seattle, where we live.

What’s the most unlikely band or artist that inspires your own music?

Longmont Potion Castle is a huge part of why we started buying effects pedals.

What should we know about your new album?

It’s our first record for Hardly Art. JR Slayer (a.k.a. Cody Votolato, who played guitar in the aforementioned Blood Brothers and is a dear, dear friend) produced it with John Goodmanson. The songs explore grief, loss and falling apart and how to build something positive and triumphant out of it. Working with JR was a cathartic, amazing experience.

Do you have any tour rituals?

Tour is psychotic and destabilizing; an endless expanse of long drives and way, way, way too much to think about and email turns into a weird rats’ nest. At least partially because of it, and to descramble our brains before we play a rock show, we open every show by affirming our love for one another. Then we play the rock show.

What are your favorite karaoke songs?

Our go-tos are ‘We Belong Together,’ ‘You Can Call Me Al’ and ‘My Way.’ Guess who sings what.

What’s the best new song you discovered?

The best new song we’ve heard this year might be ‘I Live Now As a Singer’ by Julie Byrne.

The best music that’s new to us has been From the Attic by Damone, which we learned about from Tacocat when we toured together last fall. We’ve listened to it at least three times per tour and will probably break that record in the next week.

What’s next for Dude York?

We’ll be playing a handful of fun little shows in Seattle this spring once we get back from tour, working on all sorts of fun stuff, and heading back on a West Coast tour with the Anniversary in June. Come say hello; we’re looking forward to meeting you.

If your music was a kind of party, what would it be?

A super-inclusive, low-key birthday party where everyone takes pictures of the cake to post on Instagram because it is the best cake they have ever seen. The music would be a mixture of ‘sentimental’ and ‘fun.’

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