TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Goat Girl

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week: Goat Girl

The world of late has felt a bit like some of like fantastical hellscape, busting with livid, cartoon politicians, slathering sex offenders and grotesques of all ilks — all wreathed in a toxic green aura of anxiety. UK band Goat Girl spelunk into this land of sleaze and grim with their debut, self-titled LP, emerging with the antidote to the decay: 19 songs bursting with piss and vinegar that somehow still make you want to bob your head.

The South London band initially signed a deal with Rough Trade Records when they were teens back in 2016 — the same day that Britain elected to leave the European Union, which is portentous as hell. It took almost two years for their debut to drop on April 6, over which time they built a solid wall of buzz, emerging from a scene that has fostered bands like Fat White Family and Shame.

“Simply put, it’s an album that comes from growing up in London and the first-hand experience of our city’s devolution,” the band — which comprises Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Naima Jelly and L.E.D. — said in a release. “We wanted to think of it as this place seen not necessarily just through our eyes, but someone who can’t get past the abnormalities and strange happenings that exist in our city. We think this gives the freedom lyrically and musically to explore unspoken truths and emotions that we all as humans feel.”

Across 40 minutes of murky, punk- and grunge-tinged songs, the band rails against Britain’s ruling class (“Burn the Stake”), leering sex offenders (“Creep”) and society’s warped views on female sexuality (“Country Sleaze”). It’s a partially disgusting, fully empowering good time of a record, one that brings to mind acts like the Sleaford Mods and the Slits in equal measure.

Keep your eyes here on TIDAL for an interview with the band later in the week, as well as a playlist of some of their top tracks.

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