TIDAL Rising: Mr. Paradise

TIDAL Rising: Mr. Paradise

Angel Batista, better known by his Mr. Paradise performance moniker, is one of Roc Nation Latin’s most exciting new talents on the rise.

Born in Villa Duarte, Dominican Republic, Barista moved to Madrid, Spain at the age of two. Batista grew up attending a culturally diverse boarding school and has since used his unique perspective as a source of inspiration for his music. One to stand up for the little guy, Batista is avidly against discrimination of any kind, a subject that happens to be the catalyst behind his powerful new “Forastero” single.

We’re confident that Mr. Paradise has crafted a sound with the ability to conquer hearts and minds all around the world, regardless of musical preference or heritage.

In an effort to get to know this Rising Latin talent just a little bit better, we sat down with Mr. Paradise and talked Wyclef Jean, soccer and more.

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Who is Mr. Paradise?

Mr. Paradise is a Latin alternative hip-hop artist who creates music based on the spirit of emotional moments. “Mr. Paradise” is an expressive phrase that I use to deliver messages of “universal truths” through the sound of flamenco harmonies and modern day Urban Rhythms. My stage name is an exploration of internal paradisiacal experiences.

Can you introduce yourself?

As Mr. Paradise, I believe the world needs music that speaks from the heart and promotes diversity. While I was born in the Dominican Republic, I was raised in a transatlantic motion between Spain and New Jersey. I am a strong advocate of diversity and love. Songwriting is the healing medicine that gets me through my each and every day. Parallel to music, soccer is a second passion that provides mental freedom for me during stressful moments; songwriting after a game of soccer allows me to create the perfect song.

When and how did you start making music?

I started making Latin hip-hop around the age of 13 as I was on the search for answers that only music could give me.

Who were your musical heroes growing up?

Wyclef Jean, Alejandro Sanz and Mala Rodriguez. I would say that their music influenced my adolescence positively. Listening to their songs made me reflect upon my own life on so many levels.

Name an album, artist or experience that changed your perspective on music?

After listening to Wyclef Jean, I started incorporating other sounds and genres into my music. I had the desire and interest to learn the guitar, later working to add that element to my music to help express the emotions of the instrument. Mala Rodriguez’s music injected me with this almost inexplicable “Iberian Spanish street” feeling. Her flow took me back to the alleys of Madrid and how I felt being different from my Spanish neighbors. I fell in love with the uncanniness of her sound, which helped me explore and later express the darker sides of my musicality.

Recommend another rising band/artist you believe in.

Apache (Las Minas).

What’s next for Mr. Paradise?

I am focused on finishing my debut album Transatlantico (or Transatlantic). Transatlantico will touch on the matters of universal diversity, homesickness, melancholy and joy.

And finally, if your music was a physical object what type would it be? Please describe.

If my music was a physical object, it would be a soccer ball. Symbolizing the connection between two opposing teams, or better yet, two opposing cultures, feelings, perspectives and beliefs. An object capable of breaking down boundaries and facilitating handshakes between hated neighbors. An object capable of providing reason and joy to the many lost souls floating on the planet.

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