TIDAL Rising: She Makes War

TIDAL Rising: She Makes War

She Makes War is a solo project from vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Laura Kidd.

On tour for a grueling year and a half now, she’s been pulling in stellar reviews crisscrossing Europe and the U.K. The List recently described her one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as “a charming hour of biographical storytelling and music…perfectly executed acoustic gems.”

She Makes War is known for it’s eclectic choice of stage instruments, from electric guitar to foot percussion and megaphone. Put it this way: Laura Kidd can do it all. “She Makes War…because love is a battlefield.”

You can check out her newest album, Direction Of Travel, today and get to know her a little better with this Rising Q&A.

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Who is She Makes War? Can you please introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and maker of visuals, Laura Kidd. I live in Bristol, U.K. and have been making music as She Makes War since 2009, after and while playing bass and singing for the likes of Tricky, Viv Albertine, Lil’ Chris and Alex Parks.

Where does your artist moniker come from?

She Makes War…because love is a battlefield.

Who were your musical heroes growing up?

Damon Albarn, Tanya Donelly, Jonny Greenwood, Cat Power, Carina Round and Kristin Hersh.

When and how did you first get into music?

I started singing when I was 5, playing violin when I was 7, guitar when I was 12 and bass when I was 16. I started listening to decent music at 13 and knew immediately it was what I wanted to base my life around.

Name an album, artist or experience that changed your perspective on music?

Listening to What Would The Community Think? by Cat Power suddenly made writing my own songs feel achievable, so I started demoing stuff myself and never stopped.

What’s the best new song you recently discovered?

I’m currently obsessed with “Panama Hat” off The Wave Pictures’ new album Bamboo Diner In The Rain. I’ve just done a few dates supporting them and the way they combine jaw-dropping musicianship with bonkers lyrics is completely unique. The chorus goes: “He made friends with my black and white cat, I’ve never seen him take to someone new like that.” I love it.

Can you share a fun fact about you or your music?

I bought a Whammy pedal today, so expect some oddball guitar parts on the next record.

What’s your favorite activity besides music?

Hanging out with my two miniature schnauzers – they’re the best. The only thing that sucks about touring is not being able to take them with me.

What’s coming next for you?

The video for “Stargazing” comes out this Friday, then I’m rounding off an exciting year of album releasing, playing festivals and touring with three “An Evening with She Makes War” shows. I’ll be playing a solo set to open proceedings (sharing brand new songs and older ones), and also headlining with my grunge-pop band. The dates are November  22 in Birmingham, November 23 in London, and November 25 in Bristol. (You can get tickets here.)

Looking one year ahead, where would you like to see yourself?

Hopefully I’ll have released album 4, played with more bands I love and be venturing abroad more frequently – I love touring in Europe and I’d love to play in America one of these days.

And finally, if your music was a tree what would it be? Please describe.

If my music was a tree, it’d be a weeping willow. Sad but pretty, and giving good shade.

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