TIDAL Rising: This Week’s 5 Artists To Watch

TIDAL Rising: This Week’s 5 Artists To Watch

TIDAL Rising is a dedicated showcase for today’s emerging and independent artists. Curated by the TIDAL Editors, Rising highlights artists just beginning to make waves. We’re continuously updating the Rising section’s album and track lists, but each week we highlight five special picks you really shouldn’t miss out on.

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Name: Creeper
Based In: Southampton, UK
Sounds Like: Horror Punk

British punk band Creeper has been lighting up the UK underground scene for some time now. The band was originally formed in 2014 by members Will Gould, Ian Miles, Sina Nemati, Sean Scott and Dan Bratton. Following the release of Creeper’s excellent self-titled EP in 2015, the band released The Callous Heart and The Stranger by way of Roadrunner Records. At the end of 2016, Creeper topped the Rock Sound readers’ poll for Best British Newcomer. Most recently, the band put out, Eternity, In Your Arms, a pop-punk explosion well worth hearing.

Name: Keshia Chanté
Based In: Ottawa, Canada
Sounds Like: Contemporary Pop & Soul

Keshia Chanté, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter from Ottawa may be one of the most decorated Rising artists we’ve featured yet. She began her career at the ripe age of 14, then signing a long term contract with Sony Music Canada. Since then, she’s gone on to win 6 Juno awards and 5 Canadian Urban Music Awards to date. Chanté is also well-known for her role as co-host of BET’s 106 and Park. Chanté’s new Unbound 01 EP marks her worldwide musical debut. The EP also marks Chanté’s departure from Sony Music Canada as she embarks on an independent solo career. With a resume like Chanté’s there’s only one way she can go in the music industry: up. We’ll be watching the entire way.

Name: Cigarettes After Sex
Based In: Brooklyn, NY
Sounds Like: Melancholic, Ambient Pop

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient pop group made up of Greg Gonzalez, Jacob Tomsky, Phillip Tubbs and Randy Miller. Their I. EP was recorded in a four story staircase of the University of Texas at El Paso, making for a truly uncanny yet simultaneously remarkable sound. The band has since relocated to Brooklyn, released singles “Affection,” “Keep On Loving You,” “K.” and managed to amass millions of views worldwide on their YouTube videos. While the band is busy working on their debut album which is due out later this year, be sure to check out “Apocalypse,” their newest single.

Name: Hoops
Based In: Bloomington, IN
Sounds Like: Lo-Fi Indie Pop

Originally conceived as a semi-serious collaborative effort between musician Drew Auscherman and a group of friends, Hoops has quickly grown into a full-blown comprehensive quartet. With a talent for home recording, the band has put out three cassette tapes and an eponymous EP to date, all of which were recorded on four-track tape machines in various living rooms and basements. Hoops’ forthcoming debut studio album, Routines, is set for release on May 5th. In the meantime, be sure to check out their Hoops EP on TIDAL.

Name: Fenne Lily
Based In: Bristol, UK
Sounds Like: Acoustic Pop

British singer-songwriter Fenne Lily is an artist you don’t want to miss. The young musician first began writing songs and playing guitar at a very young age, conceiving of her top streaming song to date, “Top to Toe,” when she was but 15-years-old. Lily has already worked and performed at London Fashion Week, toured with Marlon Williams and hosted a residency at the Gallimaufry, a quirky and beloved wine bar in her hometown of Bristol. Most recently, Lily released her new single “What’s Good,” produced by Tamu Massif, just last month.

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