TOMI’s Shares a Playlist of Her “Favorite Queens”

TOMI’s Shares a Playlist of Her “Favorite Queens”

Rising, New York City-based artist TOMI’s EP, What Kind of Love, is out now and to celebrate, she has shared a playlist of inspirational female musicians.


Solange, “Cranes In The Sky”
I first heard this song coming up from the Lorimer Street subway station. As soon as Solange started singing, I got tears in my eyes. Her lyrics and delivery evoke subconscious sadness and loneliness. It’s the perfect callback to the “human condition.”

Empress Of, “How Do You Do It”
When I first heard Empress Of album, Me, I had it on repeat for three months. She is a triple threat: vocalist, songwriter and producer. This song is my favorite off the album. The build, the urgency and the drop just makes every part of me dance.

Yebba, “Evergreen”
Honestly, this voice. I melt.  An undeniable soul and powerful tone, this woman rocks my world.

Yaeji, “Raingurl”
The perfect pregame song. Not to mention, the sexiest EP of the year. A female producer/writer/singer-fucking-baddass-woman.

Nina Simone, “Ain’t Got No”
There’s a live performance of Nina Simone playing “Ain’t Got No” with her band. I was in a deep Youtube spiral when this performance surfaced, and it blew me away.  The depth of sorrow in her voice is haunting. What struck me most was what a powerful bandleader she was. Every rhythm change and tempo change is completely dependent on her instinct.

Beyoncé, “Drunk in Love”
I mean how can you NOT love Beyoncé? This song is my favorite Beyoncé song. I’ll never be sick of it, no matter how many times I hear it.

LPX, “Tremble”
My GIRL! “Tremble” makes me want to scream and jump and punch someone. Lizzy’s energy is contagious, on and off the mic.  I love this girl, I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Tove Lo, “Disco Tits”
Could we get a better “Free The Nipple” anthem!? I had the pleasure of writing with Tove in Stockholm. Pop melodies just flow out of her effortlessly, she’s the real deal, and a real boss.

Christine and the Queens, “Saint Claude”
I fell in love with this song the second it began. I had the pleasure of seeing Christine at a small club in New York a few years ago. At one point during her performance, she had a palm full of glitter that she smashed in her face and spread it until it stuck to her. Christine is a true artist and has an iconic voice. This song is a favorite of mine, it is absolutely heartbreaking in every way.

Sylvan Esso, “Dreamy Bruises”
This is my official pump-up song when I’m running late and need to power walk through the subway. I always want to break out in a dance but, like I said, I’m always running late.

Courtney Barnett, “Peepin’ Tom”
I love this song.  Honestly, I’ve had mono for, like 5 weeks and this song has been speaking to me. Courtney Barnett is a genius lyricist. She transports you into her subconscious and finds depth in the simplest aspects of life.  My all time favorite lyric from this song “I came across some girl and she was a tomboy and I was a Peepin’ Tom.” I mean… GENIUS.

Warpaint, “Love is to Die”
This song got right under my skin the first time I heard it, I remember a friend recommending Warpaint to me, an all-woman rock band, I obviously fell in love. I later heard an interview with the band. They wrote this song in 5 minutes, just jamming. That’s my ideal way to write, it’s the most fluid and the least stressful. The less thinking, the better! This song is a great example of that flow!

Ibeyi, “Away, Away”
I randomly saw these sisters perform at Coachella a few years ago, and I never looked back. Their ability to let go and completely surrender themselves to music is undeniably brilliant. I couldn’t look away from them, and I still can’t now.

Angel Olsen, “unfucktheworld”
I became obsessed with this song, I listened to it on repeat for weeks after I first heard it. I love Angel Olson. Every time I hear her, I feel like I’ve been listening to her for decades, her voice is made for the old-time radio era.  That soul, mixed with lyrics of heartbreak and loneliness, is the recipe for an emotional walk in Brooklyn.  Any time I want to feel all the feels, I put on this song and let Angel do the rest.

St. Vincent, “Slow Disco”
St. Vincent is my guitar god. I am in awe of the sounds she creates, seemingly out of thin air. She is the female David Bowie and is continuously one-upping herself. “Slow Disco” is my favorite song off her new album, Masseduction. It reminds me of the first warehouse rave I ever went to. I thought it was going to be a bunch of glitter, neon and sweaty people losing their minds, but it was just a loud kick drum, four-on-the-floor and slow, swaying people dressed in masks. This song brings me back to that feeling of “I gotta get out of here.” Needless to say, I kept going back…


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