Too High To Riot Tour: Memories from the Road

Too High To Riot Tour: Memories from the Road

Back in 2016 TIDAL partnered with J. Cole’s Dreamville label to present Cole protégée Bas on his first national headlining tour.

Inspired by the buzzing Queens rapper’s talent and his desire to bring other upcoming artists along with him, TIDAL Rising worked with Bas and Dreamville to present the Too High To Riot Tour, which criss-crossed North America over 26 dates in June and July of 2016. The intimate partnership included tickets giveaways, meet-and-greets with fans, video premiers, artist spotlights on TIDAL, and a documentary of the whole experience.

The geographically diverse Too High To Riot Tour roster, which featured Bas (New York), Cozz (Los Angeles), EarthGang (Atlanta), The Hics (London) and Ron Gilmore (Nashville), exemplifies what TIDAL Rising is all about. Banded together, these up-and-coming talents helped each other grow as artists and performers, advance their careers and reach new audiences.

The subsequent documentary film, Too High To Riot, gives a behind the scene’s view of life for a group of new artists on the road together, some of them for the first time. Directed by J. Cole’s frequent collaborator Scott Lazer (Eyez), the film depicts a rising artist such as Bas come into his own as a headliner while using his own ascension to raise new artists up in the same way Cole first cosigned him.

Extending that mantra further, the tour even featured a crew of young talents, such as up and coming photographer xboooom, a young Dreamville fan who got in contact with the label. And the tour was so successful that it was extended to Europe (more on that coming soon).

Enjoy watching the Too High To Riot documentary above. Below, we asked Bas, Cozz and the other artists to reflect on the tour and fill us in on what’s next from them.

*   *   *


Favorite City: The New York City show was the best show in my opinion.

High Point of the Tour: Watching my mom wylin up in the balcony at Highline Ballroom.

What’s Next: New music.



Favorite City: Santa Ana, CA.

High Point of the Tour: High point was the observatory being packed out and having damn near everybody recite my lyrics back to me. Voice was gone but the people helped me get through that one.

What’s Next: Next is my first official album.



Favorite City:

VENUS: My Favorite city was Atlanta. Whole lotta love from the hometown. Good to see that vibe. We’ve performed at the Masquerade a few times and it was never like that before.

DOC: My favorite city was Chapel Hill, NC. A fan showed up with an EarthGang tattoo as a tribute to our project Strays With Rabies.

High Point of the Tour:

VENUS: A High point was driving up to the Northwest. We got to stop and hop off the bus and take in the scenic views while still in traffic. [laughs] Also, the guys on the bus turned into X-Men when a car crashed on oncoming traffic. They jumped into action, ran across the highway and flagged down speeding cars to stop. They risked their lives for total strangers. Whole lotta love on this tour.

DOC: Yea that car crash was crazy.

What’s Next: New EarthGang project coming next! With all the bells and whistles, and tours. Working on this new sound.


The Hics

Favorite City: Austin, TX. It sounds so cliché but it really is such an amazing place. Austin’s love for music and the arts at the same time as being an old school, cowboy town is what makes the energy incredible.

High Point of the Tour: The high point for us was on our first show of tour in Houston after arriving in the U.S. late due to visa complications. We spoke to some fans after the show who told us how our music had connected with them and had helped them through some hard times. This reinforced why we still do this. It gave us real purpose.

What’s Next: We’ve been in the studio writing and working on our debut album. It’s really exiting to be back at it.


Ron Gilmore

Favorite City: New York was the best for me. Most comfortable show. Best crowd. Most insane Bas Cole moment I can remember.

High Point of the Tour: After one show in the fans did a huge “Ron Ron” chant. For me that was a huge moment because I was now aware that I had real fans. That moment opened my eyes to the possibility of being a touring artist.

What’s Next: Next thing for Ron Gilmore is building an establishment and empire for future music lovers such as myself. That includes more studio work, more recording, and more opportunities to work with as many different artists as possible. Also, after this album drops I can start touring and doing more live shows as well.

*   *   *

[Photos by xboooom]

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