Tracy Morgan Salutes JAY-Z & Brooklyn O.G.s At ‘The Last O.G.’ Block Party

Tracy Morgan Salutes JAY-Z & Brooklyn O.G.s At ‘The Last O.G.’ Block Party

For his role on TBS’ The Last O.G., comedian Tracy Morgan plays Tray, an ex-convict who gets a second lease on life after a 15-year prison stint. As he navigates gentrified Brooklyn, Tray also tries to win back his now-married ex, Shay (played by Tiffany Haddish), while securing a job.

The series, produced by Get Out director Jordan Peele, also provides a new chance for the 49-year-old comic, who was seriously injured during a near-fatal truck crash in 2014, to not only flex his acting chops but give back to the community.

On Tuesday (April 17), Morgan continued to spread love — the Brooklyn way — by returning to the New York park that provided him childhood memories, the refurbished Marcy Playground, which included an art installation by Askew One and new basketball courts.

“It’s we, it’s us, this is for the kids. This is bigger than me, bigger than TBS. I played ball in this park, I cut my thumb in this park, so I’m really happy to be a part of the renovation so the next generation will cut their thumb,” half-joked Morgan. “I’m glad I’m part of giving the next generation a chance, not a second chance, but a chance to come here and play and get away from all the nonsense going on in the world.”

The comic later got choked up — at one point kissing the vibrant pink concrete — and even shouted out fellow Brooklynite, Shawn Carter. “Seeing is believing. Look at this court, man. Kids gon’ come play here all summer,” he continued. “I love y’all. The people that came to support, let’s set it off. I’m trying my best not to get emotional about none of this ’cause this is important to me. I don’t care about what nobody else think, it starts right here — my roots. When you cut the tree from the roots, the tree dies. I’m glad to be able to come back. Me and JAY-Z, we doing this together. He fighting more for us, and I’m doing it here.”

When it comes to his musical tastes, Morgan saluted Brooklyn O.G.s as well, rattling off his favorite songs to TIDAL from the likes of The Notorious B.I.G, JAY-Z and Rakim. “Brooklyn is always in the house,” he said. “I gotta mention no governments.”

Morgan also shared this exclusive playlist for TIDAL to represent BK to the fullest. Listen below and watch The Last O.G. on Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c.

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