Troll L.A. with Joe Cardamone in “Love Roses”

Troll L.A. with Joe Cardamone in “Love Roses”

After suffering a string of losses — including bandmate Alvin DeGuzman to cancer — the Icarus Line’s Joe Cardamone has struck out on his own. Today (September 10), he premieres a new video for the song “Love Roses,” from his new project, Holy War. The Holy War mixtape is out September 21 via Helium Records.

Cardamone has endured more than his share of tragedy. In addition to his bandmate’s death, he had his wife’s depression to cope with — plus a tour with former Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland that ended with Weiland dying of an overdose. All that and his band, the legendary California post-hardcore outfit the Icarus Line, broke up in 2015 — as depicted in the 2017 Michael Grodner-directed film The Icarus Line Must Die, starring Cardamone himself.

Driven by both loss and love of the craft, the former frontman started making his own music under the moniker Holy War after a stint recording for the likes of Ariel Pink and the Cult. His new sound shied away from Icarus Line’s rock roots; Pink said it reminded him of Beyoncé. ”Love Roses” is just the latest iteration of Cardamone’s sound.

“It’s kind of its own microcosm,” he tells TIDAL. “The film shadows the content of the song squarely and fills in the blanks that the song leaves up in the air. Love means so many different things on a minute-by-minute basis. Down to a molecular level it exists. That’s how I feel anyways. So just another night in L.A. we give up ‘Love Roses.’”

Check it out below:

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