Val Loper (Bear Hands): What Are You Listening To?

Val Loper (Bear Hands): What Are You Listening To?

Living in 2017 means navigating through constant white noise, political absurdity and social media inundation. Frequently, I feel like I’m losing my fucking mind.

For me, the idea of creating music after scrolling through Twitter while walking the crowded New York City streets can seem daunting, if not impossible. Instead of trying to actively decompress just to clear my head enough to write, I decided to incorporate this constant chatter and anxiety into the creative process.

During the making of my new EP, Stressful Jazz, I integrated homemade field recordings, found sound and looped vocal samples to humanize the songs.

For several weeks leading up to the production of this album, I walked around and recorded everything around me on my phone. I searched free audio libraries, sampling sounds and voices and manipulating them into loops and melodies. I wanted these soundscapes and sonic moods to infiltrate the recording in the same way that external noise and internal anxiety infiltrate our daily concentration.

This playlist is composed of songs I was frequently listening to while making and recording Stressful Jazz. Some of these songs directly influenced the production of the album, others served as mood enhancers or distractions when I needed a break. It’s kind of all over the place, but so am I.

(Photo credit: L&S)

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