Vanessa Wong: The Young Singer-Songwriter on Music, Culture and Beauty

Vanessa Wong: The Young Singer-Songwriter on Music, Culture and Beauty

Fresh off her latest single “Pura Candela” Latin pop star Vanessa Wong recently visited TIDAL to chat about her experience at La Voz Kids, working with Natalia Jimenez and her cosmetics line Wong Cosmetics.

The young songstress found her love for singing around 11 years old and with the support of her parents has been able to fine-tune her talent launching her into the Latin music world. Learn more about Wong and her upcoming music.

Tell us about yourself and your experience from La Voz Kids.

Well, music has always been a really big part of my life. And I started getting into singing and the actual techniques behind the music around 11 or 12 years old. That’s when I started taking classes for it. But my biggest influence was jazz, contemporary jazz, which is funny because it is very different from what I do now. I do more Latin pop, reggaeton, cubaton. It’s super different. But what inspired me to do those genres was La Voz Kids. When I participated it was super fun and I did have to better my Spanish, which has helped me a lot in my young career. After La Voz Kids I gained a lot of Spanish-speaking followers and we bonded so well. I just fell in love with that.

Natalia Jimenez was your mentor on the show; tell us about working with her.

Natalia Jimenez was super cool. She knew exactly how to maneuver us. She always chose the best songs, and grouped us really well.  I battled with Manuela and Ruth and we practiced together every single day the Demi Lovato song “Confident,” which was amazing. Natalia was very loving and inspirational right from the beginning and I think that made La Voz Kids a much better experience.

Tell us about your latest projects and music.

I’m currently promoting my single “Pura Candela.” It’s my very first single. It’s like my baby. I have six other songs I’ve been working on and I’m working on a seventh. They are all either Spanish or bilingual it’s pretty cool. Right now I am just getting ready to keep releasing singles and hopefully an album in the future. I wanted “Pura Candela” to be a really fun, feel-good song. I think my next single will be “Moviendote Así” which is very different, because it’s a mix of Latin pop, reggaeton and cubaton. It’s fun and danceable. It’s a song that’s going to make you want to move.

Tell us about your Cuban heritage.

My parents are Cuban and I grew up in Hialeah, Florida, which is very Cuban oriented, it’s basically Cuba [laughs]. Other than growing up in a very Latin community I think for me my influence was always listen to Spanish songs. Growing up listening to salsa and having the Cuban parties. I was really in touch with that side of me.

You talk a lot about your parents. Tell us a little about them.

Luckily I have always had their support.  I never really had to tell them that I wanted to be a singer it kind of just happened. I told them at like 11 or 12 years old “I think I can sing well.” And they were just like “Sure, let’s get you some vocal lessons.” And it just took off from there. It’s a great thing to have their support. It’s really pushes me.

You and your mother founded Wong Cosmetics. Tell us about the creation of it.

So around three years ago my mom got a job in a beauty school. She was a campus director and I was always around there. So going there all the time I use to think might as well make myself productive so I would attend the classes and learn about makeup. And I kind of taught myself by watching YouTube tutorials. My mom has always wanted to open up a nail salon or a beauty salon, she has always been very beauty oriented. We started talking and December of last year we said “we should sell lashes.” So we started with lashes and then we decided we wanted palettes and brushes and it just blew up from there. I also learned a lot about marketing, and website designing. I designed the website from scratch. It’s a really fun experience. I wanted to have well-made products that are still affordable for young girls like me.


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