Victoria La Mala: What 2Pac Means To Me

Victoria La Mala: What 2Pac Means To Me

Roc Nation Latin artist Victoria La Mala isn’t your typical regional Mexican singer. Her swagger is more hip-hop than La Banda Recodo. So, it comes to no surprise that La Mala calls herself 2Pac and Selena’s musical daughter. Today, on the 20th anniversary of the music icon’s passing, La Mala decided to share a few things on the way Shakur inspired her and how she first discovered his music.

How were you inspired by Pac?

His music, lyrics, swag and personality were incredible! But what I loved the most about him was his spirit and that he really wanted to make an impact in the world and for new generations.

When did you first hear his music?

As a little girl I would come to Los Angeles from Mexico every summer to visit my moms family. I had aunts that were teenagers and to me they were “the cool ones,” so I would try to be around them at all times. They were huge fans of hip-hop, which at the time wouldn’t get played in Mexican radio so it was totally new and exciting for me. My tías especially loved Tupac. I remember they would send me to bed but I would stay awake and listen to the music they were playing and that’s how I became a fan.

Why do you see him as your musical father?

He represents so much of the culture I saw growing up when I would visit L.A. every summer and Christmas break. He was one of the first hip-hop artists I ever listened to and became a fan of. He had such an impact in pop culture and is still so relevant to this day!

What lessons did you take from Pac that you apply on your life/career?

He had the spirit of a warrior. He had so much passion, he did everything to his fullest extent and I can relate to that. His music and performances were so dope, but I think that most importantly he taught us that it is important to touch people through music and that this could just spark so many changes in society and the world.

What do you remember the most of Pac?

His energy overall! I loved his smile and how he always dropped knowledge in his music and interviews!

Tupac has a special connection to Latinos (he’s named after one of the last Incan kings). When you found that fact out did it make you connect even more to him?

That’s something so incredible to me! It made me think that that’s why he had such warrior energy!


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