Wavves’ ‘You’re Welcome’ Arrives as Mercury Goes Direct

Wavves’ ‘You’re Welcome’ Arrives as Mercury Goes Direct

TIDAL Scopes is a new series in which our resident astrologer, Annabel Gat, looks to the stars to see what’s in store for the latest releases. First up, we have Wavves’ new record, You’re Welcome, out today (May 19) via Ghost Ramp.

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Mercury retrograde: a time of chaos, confusion and misplaced keys. I always cringe when an album is released during Mercury retrograde. Will it get the credit it’s due? Will it fly under the radar? Fortunately, Wavves’ latest album, You’re Welcome, is coming out May 19, after Mercury goes direct.

While Mercury may be in forward motion, it’s still in its shadow phase until May 21— which means we are reviewing the choices and conversations we had during the retrograde period, which was from April 9 through May 3.

You’re Welcome’s release during this time makes it the perfect album to enjoy as you scroll through the messages you sent last month that have been left on “read.” Will you get a response now? It’s likely; whatever was lost or forgotten during a retrograde often boomerangs back around in the post-shadow period. Take a listen to the tracks “You’re Welcome” and “No Shade” while you wait to see how things turn out.

Mercury retrograde gets a lot of hype on the Internet and on social media. I don’t know if it’s because the phrase itself sounds cool or because people love having something to blame their lateness (or laziness) on. You’re Welcome’s release date is actually an action-packed day astrologically speaking, and the cosmic events that occur on this day are unlikely to pop up on your Twitter feed (like Mercury retrograde did), as they are more occult — the business of real astrologers, not armchair new agers. I’m talking about Saturn’s trine to Uranus and Venus’ opposition to Jupiter.

Saturn (currently in Fire sign Sagittarius) and Uranus (in Fire sign Aries) are conflicting energies, but they do have one thing very much in common: time. Saturn’s all about the past; Uranus is looking to the future. Saturn’s concerned with tradition; Uranus wants to rebel. Saturn would decorate its apartment with antiques and family heirlooms; Uranus wants clean lines and high tech appliances. Saturn’s favorite track on You’re Welcome would probably be “Come to the Valley,” while Uranus would likely go for “Exercise.”

When these opposing energies connect via trine (one of the most harmonious astrological aspects you could ask for), the atmosphere is totally supportive around taking risks. The energy is stable, yet electric. Things are changing, but the fear associated with the unknown isn’t so scary.

Sweet Venus is in Fire sign Aries, and, on May 19, it will oppose Jupiter in charming Air sign Libra, making for one of the most fun days of the month. But watch out: overindulging is a real concern today. Leave your credit card at home if you go out tonight, and be careful about how much you consume — the hangover will be brutal.

The energy is flirtatious and exciting — is there such thing as having too much fun? We’ll certainly find out. Listen to “Dreams of Grandeur” while you test how much fun you can have before going broke or making yourself sick.

This album is coming out on the last day of grounded, earthy Taurus season, as the Sun heads into curious, chatty Air sign Gemini. You’re Welcome is certainly a great soundtrack for the transition between quiet reflection over the changes that went down during Mercury retrograde and the excitement, activity and freedom that summer promises.

Annabel Gat is a Brooklyn based astrologer who grew up on Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Check out her daily and monthly horoscope column at www.broadly.vice.com.

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