Welcome to TIDAL HIFI

Welcome to TIDAL HIFI

If you’re a music lover, you can probably remember your first album.

Depending on your age, that album came in the form of a record, a cassette, a CD or a download. At the time, however, the format wasn’t your concern – the music was.

TIDAL is the world’s first music streaming service combining High Fidelity sound quality with expertly curated Editorial. We’re giving you unprecedented access to music in the quality the artists intended, with a dedication to showcasing the art at its best.

We’re here to be different – to be better.

We don’t believe in the all-knowing of algorithms – we’re human beings with record collections and concert T-shirts. We have opinions. It is our profound privilege to recommend to you the albums and tracks we sincerely esteem. We lovingly craft playlists with research, creativity, and the same amount of attention you once put into making that mixtape for a friend or crush. Of course you still get to do that yourself in TIDAL.

Our mission is to share the music that excites us and the music that matters. We publish articles, features and interviews to expand your listening experience. We have developed editorial concepts to fill in the areas that we don’t think receive due attention in the musical discourse today:

 * Big Reads includes long-form stories and in-depth interviews that add a new dimension to the conversation, and a new level of appreciation for the music.

 * The City Series provides a localized lens to showcase the myriad of local music being created at the grassroots level, along with regional music history.

 * TIDAL’s Classical music focus gives attention to a vital genre of music that is so often ignored – while giving entrée to curious outsiders who don’t know where to start.

 * Our HiFi concentration aims to restore the value of hearing music in the quality the artist intended, and we highlight the releases that go above and beyond.

In chorus with our own editorial staff, TIDAL is teaming up with the best music journalists to produce original and compelling pieces. We also invite a few, handpicked publications to let their music experts share articles and recommendations within their music profile. One such project we are really excited about is The Talkhouse, where artists talk about other artists.

We’re here to give you full admission to the brilliant world of music in perfect focus.

We’re here to curate this world with passion, curiosity and integrity. We’re here for the same reason we hope you are – we think the music matters enough that it should receive the best treatment.

We know you’ve been as anxious as us for the gig to start. Our set list is long, and we’ll be actively evolving the service to enhance and improve how you listen to music well-after our first number.

We’re delighted to finally open the doors to TIDAL for an immersive, exclusive and unrivaled listening experience. The music deserves this and you deserve this.

Welcome to HiFi,

The Editors

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