WESLEE: What Are You Listening To?

WESLEE: What Are You Listening To?

The Rising pop/Alternative R&B duo have made waves with their single, “Tongue Tied.” TIDAL was lucky enough to have the group share with us a playlist of their favorite songs at the moment.


Frank Ocean, “Biking”
Frank Ocean songs are ever-changing in my rotation. “Biking” has been at the top since seeing him perform it live this summer. It puts me in a happy place.

Kanye West, “Real Friends”
Kanye is similar to Frank Ocean, in that his songs are always changing in the rotation. At the moment, “Real Friends” has been on repeat on my walk to and from the studio. I’m not sure what that says about my mood.

Francis and the Lights, “Morning”
Put this on when you wake up on Monday morning, look in the mirror and know that it’s going to be a great week.

Aimee Mann, “Wise Up”
I rewatched Magnolia recently and found myself completely floored by the “Wise Up” montage. Every character singing along, and I had forgotten about it. It basically had me in floods of tears.

Prince, “Controversy”
Always has been and always will be my favorite Prince song. I can put it on anytime, anywhere and it works.

Rihanna, “Yeah, I Said It”
Rediscovered this one the other day, such an easy listen!

Col3trane, “New Chain”
His whole latest body of work I’m into, this is just the one I’m vibing to most right now.

Paolo Nutini, “Jenny, Don’t be Hasty”
Me and my roommate took a trip down memory lane a couple weeks ago and it lead us here.

Jeremih, “Woosah”
One I clean the house to. It’s a weird choice, I know.

Aaliyah- “Back & Forth”
Anything Aaliyah, let’s be honest.


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