Weyes Blood: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Weyes Blood: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering) is gearing up to go on tour with Father John Misty this fall in support of her most recent record, Front Row Seat to Earth.

The Brooklyn musician has worked with the likes of Ariel Pink, Mild High Club and Perfume Genius in the past, but the upcoming tour marks her biggest to date and is sure to garner her more devotees of her ethereal, moody sound.

We caught Mering’s performance at this summer’s Form Festival in Arizona and, just the other day, chatted with her a bit about some records that shaped her life.

Ween, Pure Guava

That was a really big deal for me. That was my first exposure to noise and lo-fi recorded music. And it was very dark and super trippy. It kind of opened my mind to expressing emotion in a way that wasn’t serious but was still just as effective and emotive.

Can, Monster Movie

It’s kind of an unpopular Can record, which is funny because I actually loved Monster Movie the best. That was my first exposure to Kraut [rock] and kind of like jamming and bitten lyrics. It was my first exposure to the underbelly of what rock & roll is or should sound like.

I started working at a record store when I was fourteen and I knew Radiohead. Eveyone was like, ‘I know Radiohead is cool but they’re just ripping off CAN.’ And then I listened to Can and was like, ‘Oh shit, yeah, they are.’

Lou Reed, The Bells

That Lou Reed record is so freaking weird. He takes the piss, and it’s also really ‘fuck you.’ He uses a lot of weird sound effects, but for some reason that record really resonated with me as an art piece.

Skip Spence, Oar

That record was in my car for five years on repeat. People had to shut me down so I wouldn’t play it anymore. It was so intoxicating, and very in that realm of outsider/lone songwriters.

Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark

That was played at my house when I was a child all throughout my young years. That was an earworm to my life my mom, who was obsessed with Joni. She’s fucking brilliant.

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