World Music Institute presents: LADAMA

World Music Institute presents: LADAMA

LADAMA is a Latin Alternative band of four musicians hailing from different countries and cultures of the Americas: Brazil, Colombia, USA and Venezuela.

The sisters in songs, rhythm and spirit, Lara Klaus, Daniela Serna, Mafer Bandola and Sara Lucas, sing in English, Spanish and Portugese, and combine disparate, traditional roots music with pop. United by fabulous virtuosic musicianship, LADAMA is utilizing traditional and non-traditional instruments from across the Americas, transcending musical and geographical boundaries on their way, transporting us to a near future where the world communicates across continents and cultures, through sound and story.

LADAMA met on the road in 2014 while touring US as part of the prestigious OneBeat Program. Between individual performances, leading youth workshops and public music-making events, they uncovered a common dream of building communities through sound and empowering women and youth through music.

Reimagining South American and Caribbean styles like cumbia, maracatu, onda nueva and joropo and blending them with soul, R&B and pop, LADAMA creates a new sound all their own. Together, the four shred on the bandola llanera from Venezuela, the tambor alegre from Colombia, and the pandeiro from Northeastern Brazil.

On May 5, LADAMA plays Littlefield in Brooklyn with BalĂșn, coming out of the San Juan indie scene and now being based in Brooklyn, all presented by World Music Institute (WMI). Head over here for more info and tickets.

Check out their wonderful playlist ‘Voces Panamericanas’ they just made for TIDAL: “From the most ancient sounds up to the most new and original voices that mark a difference in the music of America here we share a list of artists who inspire and influence our own sound.”


World Music Institute (WMI) has served as one of the leading presenters of world music and dance within the United States since forming in 1985, and they have presented more than 1,500 concerts and events featuring artists from more than 100 countries across all continents.

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