World Music Institute presents: Tal National

World Music Institute presents: Tal National

Tal National are among the most cherished rock acts to come out of West Africa this century, and the six-piece has enjoyed global recognition since their breakthrough album Kaani (2013).

Their exciting take on traditional West African folk music is spiced up with a fiercely energetic and joyful approach of complex rhythms and loud guitars, fully displayed on their sophomore album Zoy Zoy (2015) and this year’s stunning follow up Tantabara. Hailing from the Niger, Tal National embodies the nation’s multi-ethnic population and blend of various cultures, and welcome elements of highlife, kora, Afrobeat, and Tuareg blues into their music.

Regardless of their great studio efforts, Tal National are unquestionably a unique live experience, widely known for their epic and hypnotic performances that often lasts for many hours and reaches ecstatic proportions. On February 23, Tal National plays Littlefield in Brooklyn, presented by World Music Institute (WMI).

World Music Institute (WMI) has served as one of the leading presenters of world music and dance within the United States since forming in 1985, and they have presented more than 1,500 concerts and events featuring artists from more than 100 countries across all continents.

It is with great pride that TIDAL announces a closer partnership with WMI, and for each of their forthcoming concerts you will find custom-made playlists from the diverse array of global artists who are performing in their program of concerts across New York City, including John Zorn, Abdullah Ibrahim, a week of Mali music in April including Toumani & Sidiki Diabate, Trio Da Kali, and Fatoumata Diawara, and many more. See the full program here.

Here’s a great way to get up to speed with Tal National if you’re just getting to know them: Listen to the excellent playlist they just made for TIDAL called ‘Tal National’s African Indie Sphere’. It’s a small slice of some of the great music from contemporary African artists – most who are connected to Tal National personally or professionally, and some they just really love.


(Artist photo: Jason Creps/press)

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