Yungblud: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Yungblud: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Dominic Harrison, a.k.a. Yungblud, wants “to be the kid that says shit that’s real” — and he does a pretty good job of that on his rollicking new single, “Tin Pan Boy.”

“I grew up on a place called Denmark Street in SoHo in London — basically it was the heart of British music and it’s full of independent businesses. That was the place where I first picked up a guitar, so it really means a lot to me,” he told TIDAL. “There’s a massive redevelopment going on in the area, which is basically building everything up and knocking the old stuff down. Seeing all these music stores and art stores that really influenced me having to move away…it’s just kind of pissing me off. That’s part of my heart.”

Harrison struck out on his own at age 16, writing music in London and striving to find his own sound — after a brief flirtation with art school. Although he had a co-sign from classic new wave band Squeeze, the now-19-year-old was frustrated.

“I think right now we’re kind of stuck in a circuit that’s kind of repeating itself,” he said. “I was stuck in that circuit when I was 16. I was a writer and I was just writing shit that would get me on the radio — in my head. I came to the conclusion that this was not going to work and this was not something I believed in. So I just started writing stuff that I think.”

“I want to be an artist that no one can quite put a finger on,” he added. “I came from two backgrounds. The stuff I’ve been releasing has been very rock & roll, but I was always enthralled with hip-hop as well. Those two genres come from the exact same heart.”

While Yungblud labors away on new music and, ultimately, a record, he took some time out to tell us a bit about some albums that changed his life.

Arctic Monkeys, Beneath the Boardwalk

That was the first record that captured home for me. It just captured the North. The lyrics were like a Northern night out or any night out. That made me go, ‘Oh my God, songs don’t have to just be about love or whatever. They can be stories, they can be pictures.’ That was sick.

Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 

That was just insane. To hear skits — to hear an album not just full of music… And ‘Stan,’ that changed my life. The way he brings tongue-in-cheek stuff into heavy messages taught me so much as a writer. I’ve been preached to as a 19-year-old and as soon as someone starts preaching to me I just go, ‘Fuck you.’

The Clash, London Calling 

All the bangers were on that. When I’d disagree with someone or I’d feel a bit down, I’d just stick that record on. It makes you want to go into battle or something. It makes you want to fucking get in a fight.

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I’ve never heard songs like that in my life. The stuff he does with vocals… I was just like, ‘Are you shitting me?’ He’s a genius, man. That guy definitely knows how to produce a record.

The Beatles, Revolver

My granddad was a big influence in my life — he used to play in bands in the ‘60s — I remember going to his house and he’d play me the vinyl. I was 10 or 11 and he would not let me sleep until it was finished.

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